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What is my job?

My job is to ease the burden on my clients when they will be relying on their assets and Social Security to provide a lifetime of income. We all want our assets to grow, but we may forget the reason why – that we want them to be available for our own future needs.

Saving for retirement has fairly well-defined needs, both in terms of how much wealth needs to be accumulated and the pattern of consumption during retirement. Your portfolio should be driven primarily by your needs and circumstances – what will you need and when will you need it?
Very simply, the financial risk in saving for retirement is not having enough wealth.

During your working years, your goal is to accumulate sufficient assets through savings and investing that, together with Social Security, will allow you to maintain your standard of living during retirement. To do this, I build a portfolio that offers upside market participation while protecting my clients from the devastation of a market crash. Our strategy is to track the market while it is rising, but to significantly outperform during corrections. Many studies have shown that avoiding large drawdowns is more important than outperforming the market on the upswing.

As you plan for your retirement, in whatever form it may take, it is important to start by modeling the future. With our integrated dashboard, we can monitor your progress to reach your goals. In addition, we can seek to optimize your Social Security income, which, for most, will still be the foundation of your retirement income. Whether you are single, married, divorced, or widowed, there are a variety of ways to enhance your Social Security income.

When you reach retirement, my job is to “worry for you” so you can sleep at night knowing that your income is covered for many years to come. And we will continue to adjust your portfolio to reduce volatility and increase income.

As retirement approaches, we can also work together to ensure that you have a retirement income plan that will meet your needs.

Let me know how I can help you.